Affichages : 1972

Invitation to travel and to write
It was the writer and sailor Bernard Moitessier (1925 – 1994) who gave us the will to write whilst confined through his world trip…
Grab your keyboard, grab your pen: let’s play!

The rule is simple. Bernard Moitessier thinks that the birds speak with him. Maybe you have had the chance to see birds from your window, your balcony or your garden. As the sailor, we invite you to take time to watch them and to talk with them.
At your will, we propose that you exchange with the birds and that you write your dialogues, your poems… The most personal, most moving, most crazy, most creative, most funny and most offbeat…
This game is open to everyone: parents with children, children, youngsters, adults, with misspellings, in Turkish, in Portuguese, in Alsacien, in Arabic, in Lao… everything is possible!
Your writing will include a presentation of the place where you are: city, neighborhood, the landscape you observe. Finally, the text will end with a last sentence beginning like this: If I were a bird, I...
We wait for your texts in all the languages of the world!
Maximum length of 20 lines for the 11th of May, the latest. Drawings are also welcomed!
We thank you that you send them to Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser.
The most original texts will be streamed on Radio MNE. Some of the texts will be proposed to illustrators of the festival Ramdam and the most beautiful texts will be integrate of an itinerant exhibition.

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